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Reflection for May 10, 2020

Everyday wonders

Easter season and Mother's Day remind us of God's goodness everywhere  by Sister Carolyn Zahringer With Easter Sunday fresh in our memories, we recall our journey to and through the Easter event.... Read More

Reflection for May 3, 2020

Finding the courage to say 'yes' to God

The Good Shepherd is with us wherever we are called  by Sister Lynne Marie Simonich For Sunday's World Day of Prayer for Vocations, Pope Francis tells us: “Dear friends, on this day in particular, I... Read More

Reflection for April 26, 2020

Broken, blessed and shared

Our own 'Road to Emmaus' can help us see Jesus  when we cannot receive  Him in Eucharist by Renae Bauer Three passages from Sunday’s Gospel of Luke resonate with me. Perhaps they will with you, too.... Read More

Reflection for April 19, 2020

Missing the presence of the Lord

Thomas' doubt might be more relatable during these months of no Mass by Sister Rose Jochmann On this Second Sunday of Easter we continue our celebration of Easter. We hear the familiar Gospel about... Read More

Reflection for April 12, 2020

The Risen Christ is with us in our modern-day "Galilees"

The pandemic has given us a new way to see the Paschal Mystery and new ways to respond by Sister Elise Cholewinski One of the things that has disheartened me the most during the season of Lent this... Read More

Holy Week Reflection Series

Holy Saturday: The Night Watch of the Resurrection

Even in our solitude we can  contemplate the Mystery and proclaim "Alleluia" by Sister Elise Cholewinski Throughout his life St. Francis of Assisi dealt with the tension between the call to proclaim... Read More

Holy Week Reflection Series

Good Friday: Identifying with Jesus' losses and suffering

Pandemic  may have many of us relating to the Cross in a new way  by Sister Elise Cholewinski When we gaze upon Jesus nailed to a cross, we see a picture of total poverty. Hanging there naked in... Read More

Holy Week Reflection Series

Holy Thursday: Jesus demonstrates humble servanthood

What's behind our reluctance to let the King wash our feet -- or sins?  by Sister Elise Cholewinski St. Francis of Assisi has indicated in his Admonitions that those who are placed over others should... Read More

Holy Week Reflection Series

Wednesday of Holy Week: How could I not pray?

(photo: Palm Sunday at St. Francis Convent, Green Bay) No matter his responsibilities or time commitments, St. Francis of Assisi made prayer a priority by Sister Laura Zelten Our lives are so easily... Read More

Holy Week Reflection Series

Tuesday of Holy Week: Chrism Mass

The oils of our Church mark us for mission and ministry by Sister Elise Cholewinski “Rebuild my church.” Having heard this message twice from the Lord in the church of Sam Damiano, St. Francis of... Read More