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Reflection for Sept. 22, 2019

Balancing the inequities

Prudent action in this world sets the stage for the next by Sister Sally Ann Brickner Sacred Scripture for the 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time conveys a strong message about God’s judgment on... Read More

Reflection for Sept. 15, 2019

How great is God's mercy?

To plumb the depths is an eye- and heart-opening experience by Sister Ann Rehrauer Today’s readings call us to reflect about evil, sin, and weakness -- but always in the context of the great... Read More

Reflection for Sept. 8, 2019

Living in a right relationship with Jesus

Sunday's message centers on making God the priority in our lives by Sister Agnes Fischer The ending verse of Sunday's Gospel could be very frightening. Why do I have to give up everything I... Read More

Reflection for Sept. 1, 2019

Finding favor with God

Humility is an acknowledgement of who we are in relation to God by Sister Margaret Mary Halbach Sunday’s first reading from Sirach and Luke’s Gospel set the theme for this... Read More

Reflection for Aug. 25, 2019

Giving everything for the narrow gate

Like an athlete, am I attentive to what's important, to what God is calling me? by Renae Bauer Communications Director In Sunday’s Gospel, when asked if only a few people will be saved,... Read More

Reflection for Aug. 18, 2019

The cost and reward of discipleship

Following Jesus is a gift but it doesn't preclude us from suffering by Sister Laura Zelten Scriptural images of Jesus are often pleasant, kind and gentle: the Good Shepherd, the healer and the... Read More

Reflection for Aug. 11, 2019

Faith helps us weather life's storms

Tragedy touches every life; these are the times to trust God the most by Sister Elise Cholewinski Within the last three weeks my family experienced a tragic loss. My niece, Mary, had a heart attack... Read More

Reflection for Aug. 4, 2019

What from Sunday's readings speak to your heart?

Sister Carolyn Zahringer finds five that speak of our Jubilarians' lives by Sister Carolyn Zahringer Lectio Divina (Latin for "divine reading") invites us to approach Scripture by... Read More

Reflection for July 28, 2019

The Lord's Prayer and the late-night visitor

We are called to persist in growing in God just as God persists in calling us How loving and merciful is God? All three readings for Sunday give examples but let’s focus on the Gospel. After... Read More

Reflection for July 21, 2019

Hospitality: to be present, fully and joyfully

Sunday's readings emphasize the blessings of being present to others Read More