Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross in Green Bay, WI

Associate Relationship

Who are Associates?
We are teachers, business people, farmers, medical professionals, parish leaders and volunteers, social workers, factory employees, and many other occupations. And we are Christian women and men over 20, married or single who:

  • want to deepen our relationship with God
  • partner with the Sisters in their spirit, prayer, and Gospel mission
  • want to model a new vision of community in our lives
  • strive to live Gospel values in our daily lives

Where are Associates?
Associates live all over Northeastern Wisconsin. We convene several times a year for prayer and renewal.

Why Become an Associate?
We see our partnership with the Sisters as a way to make a positive difference as individuals. We're attracted by the Sisters' lives of simplicity and community. Learn more about how to become an Associate.

What do Associates do?
We strive to recognize God in our daily activities.  As Associates, we live our faith life more deeply through relationships within family, our profession and social interactions.  We apply our faith to decisions such as how we spend our time and resources and try to maintain an intentional awareness of the Spirit in our lives.  We pray with each other and with the Sisters as a source of energy, renewal and support.

The Associate Relationship may be exercised as either an Active Associate or a Prayer Associate.  Incoming Associates make a commitment to share the spirit, mission, and values of this Franciscan Community.  This is carried out in a variety of ways -- active ministry with families, with the Sisters in ministry and various projects, in the civic community, and in volunteer work in the Church (parish) and broader community.

As Associates embrace physical challenges that limit their active involvement, they still can continue this special relationship by transitioning to the Prayer Relationship.  In union with the Sisters and Associates, they pray daily for the Church, the Community and personal intentions brought to their awareness, and continue some ministry in a modified manner.

We are part of the North American Conference of Associates and Religious (NACAR) and the Midwest Kindred Spirits.