Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross in Green Bay, WI

Your generosity shines through in difficult times

Dear Friend and Benefactor,

The adjective “unprecedented,” has been used to describe the reality of these past months and recent weeks.  A never-before-experienced time has included not only the deaths and medical crises caused by the COVID pandemic, but also the racial tensions that have torn the fabric of our society, and political unrest that erupted in the violence of Jan. 6 in our nation’s capital.

And yet, amid all these challenges, there have been outstanding examples of heroism, generosity, and self-sacrifice on the part of so many. Medical personnel and essential workers across the spectrum put themselves and their families at risk for the good of others. Corporate and individual donors reached out to care for those in need because of the economic strains and job losses experienced by so many. Scientists and researchers worked countless hours to provide a vaccine to combat the virus and help a speedy return to a more normal way of life.  

When so many face economic stresses and an uncertain future, it would be understandable that people would turn inward and try to protect their assets. However, just the opposite has occurred as people with varying resources “walked in the shoes of the other” and shared their blessings. You are among those generous and self-sacrificing individuals who have shared your resources with us and with others, and we are deeply grateful to you.  Some sent their stimulus checks and others, whatever they could afford at this time, to enable us to care for our retired Sisters.  

We are grateful to God that we have had only two Sisters in health care facilities who contracted and survived the COVID virus, and that the Motherhouse continues to be closed – and safe – at this time.  As we await the broad distribution of the vaccine and a return to whatever the “new normal” will be, we join you in prayer and commitment to the work of rebuilding a united and just world where we can live in gratitude and wisdom from the lessons we have learned these past months.

May God bless you for your generosity, and may God bless our work in the months ahead.   

The Leadership Team of the
Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross
January 2021

Sr. Ann Rehrauer

Sr. Ann Rehrauer

Sr. Nancy Langlois

Sr. Nancy Langlois
1st vice president

Sr. Rose Jochmann

Sr. Rose Jochmann
2nd vice president