Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross in Green Bay, WI

Becoming a Sister: Exploring a vocation

How will I know?

How do I know for sure what God's plan for me is? What do I really know about religious life or becoming a Sister? How can I grow closer to Christ? What qualities should I look for in myself to consider becoming a Sister of St. Francis of the Holy Cross?

In each pivotal life decision, there comes a time of deep contemplation and reflection; a time when we must lovingly peel back the layers to discover our truest and deepest desires; a time when we must quiet the mind and open our hearts to hear the whisperings of the Spirit; a time of trust that the Lord will lead us where we are most needed; a time of discernment.

When reflecting on the qualities to look for in religious life you may think about your own:

  • Love of God and others
  • Openness to being Spirit-led
  • Interest in serving the Church
  • Generous heart and wholesome attitude
  • Desire for prayer
  • Comfort with faith-sharing
  • Compassionate concern for people who are poor, sick or suffering

Who can become a Sister?

A woman who:

  • is a baptized Catholic,
  • believes that she is called by God,
  • is active in a faith community
  • is able to live simply in a celibate community
  • has good physical, mental and emotional health,
  • has a deep desire to serve those in need.

As with any vocation, the process of discernment for religious life is unique to each individual. Here are some helpful links. If you'd like to learn more about our Community, please select "Vocations Department" on our Contact Us page. 

God's Call