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Sister Mary Kabat

from Sister Mary Kabat

There are times you ask, “How are you Sisters doing?” I know you are asking out of love and concern. You see that our ages are increasing, and through death, the number of our members is decreasing.

Currently there are 41 of us. Our ages range from 68 to 95. The sacrifices made by our forward-looking leadership in the past are blessing us now with a well-established Retirement Fund and membership in Social Security which provides us with Medicare health care coverage. Many grants from the Bishop’s Appeal for Retired Religious, donor gifts and donor estates have helped and continue to help us build the Retirement Fund to the level it is today.

Sisters’ Living Expenses this past fiscal year were covered by:

  • Sisters’ earnings, social security, and pensions
  • Donor gifts to Living Expenses of the Sisters
  • Donor gifts to the Retirement Fund and Area of Greatest Need (care of our retired Sisters)
  • Withdrawals from the Retirement Fund

In 2022, all our bills were paid for which we owe you our gratitude. God bless you for your goodness to us.

Sister Mary Kabat
Second Vice President and Development Director
January 2023

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