Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross in Green Bay, WI

Vowed Membership

As Sisters, we profess the vows of Poverty, Consecrated Celibacy and Obedience. We model our lives according to:

  • the Gospel
  • the sacramental life of the Catholic Church
  • the rule of the Third Order of St. Francis
  • our constitution, Design for Life
  • the spirit of our founder Fr. Daems and our founding Sisters

We believe that as Sisters in Community, we can be and do what we could not be or do alone. We live by the same ideals, share the burdens and joys of life, love each other and reveal God's love to all.

We strive to be women of prayer and service who radiate warmth, joy and simplicity of life.

Vowed Membership

This impromptu photo captured our two oldest and two youngest Sisters. From left, Sisters Laura, Jeanne, Carlotta and Mary. In the background are the doors that lead to our Chapel. The doors embody our community symbol's three elements -- Cross, Word and Eucharist.