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Reflection for Sept. 25, 2022

To see others is an act of love

There are no strangers, only  brothers and sisters in Christ by Sister Donna Koch In Sunday's Gospel St. Luke would have us reflect on the story of the Rich Man and Lazarus. The rich man can be all... Read More

Reflection for Sept. 18, 2022

Everyday choices

Our decisions can -- and do -- celebrate the love of God Sister Carolyn Zahringer We are met with many questions each day. In what or whom will we place our trust? Our Baptism was the beginning of... Read More

Reflection for Sept. 11, 2022

Eternally searching

God never gives up on us, always welcoming us home by Sister Lynne Marie Simonich The “Searching God”. Were you ever part of a search party? What about a scavenger hunt? One is to find a lost person... Read More

Reflection for Sept. 4, 2022

What's at the center of life?

The grace of God brings us to Jesus Sister Rose Jochmann In today’s Gospel, Jesus issues a challenge for us. In order to be Jesus’ disciple, we have to renounce our possessions, family, and even our... Read More

Reflection for Aug. 28, 2022

Feeling preoccupied?

Freedom  in God is the key by Renae Bauer I expected to see something else. While preparing this week’s reflection I searched the dictionary for the definition of "humble" and "humility" since they... Read More

Reflection for Aug. 21, 2022

North, South, East and West

We see people from all walks of life answering God call by Sister Elise Cholewinski It has been an ordinary summer and yet, as I look back, I recognize the many new people whom I have met in these... Read More

Reflection for Aug. 14, 2022

Rising in Jesus

Discipleship  includes suffering and dying as well as rising by Sister Laura Zelten Often in Scripture the images of Jesus are pleasant, kind and gentle -- the Good Shepherd, the healer, and the kind... Read More

Reflection for Aug. 7, 2022

Putting faith in what's permanent

Readings and celebration call us to renew our faith in God by Sister Sally Ann Brickner Faith is a major theme in this Sunday’s texts from Sacred Scripture. St. Paul writes to the Hebrews about... Read More

Reflection for July 31, 2022

Truth, service and love

Strive for excellence in these 3 things   by Renae Bauer What matters to God? That’s the takeaway of this Sunday’s readings. Are we truthful? Generous? Loving of God and neighbor? It is believe that... Read More

Reflection for July 24, 2022

Asking, seeking, knocking

Call for help might mean setting aside  our own solutions by Sister Agnes Fischer Whoever asks, receives. Whoever seeks, finds. To whomever knocks, the door is opened. Ask and it will be given: Maybe... Read More