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Reflection for Jan. 17, 2020

Samuel, St. Francis and Eli

Each trusted and responded to God's call without waiting to understand it by Renae Bauer I can relate to Samuel. In Sunday’s first reading, a voice awakens Samuel from his sleep. He eagerly responds... Read More

Reflection Jan. 10, 2021

Feast of the Baptism of Jesus

We are all 'beloved' children of God; how does that impact our words and actions?  by Sister Francis Bangert January 10, 2021, in the Christian world marks both endings and beginnings. Today’s feast... Read More

Reflection for Jan. 3, 2021

We have seen His star

How do we light the way for others seeking Jesus? by Sister Elise Cholewinski Something I’ve often heard people say of late is, “I’m spiritual but not religious.” By that statement I believe they... Read More

Reflection for Dec. 27, 2020

Feast of the Holy Family

Their faithfulness to God and one another  are  perfect examples for us by Renae Bauer Sunday’s readings for the Feast of the Holy Family beautifully illustrate how we are to live in relationship... Read More

Reflection for Dec. 20, 2020

The angels among us

'Nothing is impossible with God' is a message to hear and share by Sister Laura Zelten When my niece was young, she and her family attended the early Christmas Eve liturgy for children. The priest... Read More

Reflection for Dec. 13, 2020

'Rejoice in the Lord always; again I say, rejoice!' - St. Paul

Third Sunday of Advent celebrates the joy Christ's enduring presence by Sister Sally Ann Brickner The Church calls this Sunday Gaudete Sunday, taken from the first word of the Entrance Song,... Read More

Reflection for Dec. 6, 2020

Patience, waiting and humility

Message for the Second  Sunday of Advent is particularly poignant with pandemic by Sister Jane Riha The beautiful Scripture passages for the Second Sunday of Advent will resonate with each person... Read More

Reflection for Nov. 29, 2020

Watching and waiting

First Sunday of Advent encourages us to  make room  for the One who loves us  extravagantly  by Sister Laura Zelten We begin Advent with a call to prepare and to stay awake. We are called to be alive... Read More

Reflection for Nov. 22, 2020

The blessing of a great King

Christ the King is our constant companion by Renae Bauer Now 90 years old, the five stained glass windows at St. Francis Convent are something to behold. The intense color, intricate details from... Read More

Reflection for Nov. 15, 2020

Industrious faith

The worthy wife and  2 servants show the importance of using our God- given gifts by Sister Agnes Fischer The beautiful woman in this Sunday's first reading from Proverbs 31 certainly did not bury... Read More