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Reflection for Nov. 8, 2020

Your attention, please

Gospel speaks to the importance of being ready by Sister Lynne Marie Simonich Our Gospel for this 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time is the familiar parable of the 10 virgins who were waiting to meet the... Read More

Reflection for Nov. 1, 2020

All you holy men and women, pray for us

Solemnity of  All Saints  invites us to remember and to  be a holy light to others by Sister Francis Bangert The feast of All Saints is one of my favorite feasts. It offers a message of hope, joy and... Read More

Reflection for Oct. 25, 2020

The heart of the matter

Love is our highest call  and greatest gift to give by Renae Bauer “The whole law and the prophets depend on these two commandments.” (Mt. 22:40, conclusion of Sunday’s Gospel) Loving God and loving... Read More

Reflection for Oct. 18, 2020

Loved, chosen, called

We are precious in God's eyes   by Sister Rose Jochmann As I look at this Sunday’s readings I see a theme. Each of us is loved, chosen and called by God. The First Reading from Isaiah is addressed to... Read More

Reflection for Oct. 11, 2020

Waiting for a response

We are invited to the feast of all feasts; are you ready? by Sister Mary Kabat When I pray the Scripture readings of the day I “look” and “listen” for a word, a challenge, an encouragement to take... Read More

Reflection for Oct. 4, 2020

Good grapes

God's vineyards  given to you and me  may require creative attention during isolation  by Sister Ann Rehrauer This weekend the rest of the Church celebrates the Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary... Read More

Reflection of Sept. 27, 2020

A change of heart

Drawing closer to God is far more important than how you get there or when by Renae Bauer Any time is a good time for a change of heart. That’s the hope I find in Sunday’s Gospel in which Jesus tells... Read More

Reflection of Sept. 20, 2020

Seeing the situation differently

Gospel speaks to God's true generosity by Sister Charlene Hockers "My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor your ways my ways." "Are you envious just because I'm generous?" In Sunday's Gospel, all the... Read More

Reflection for Sept. 13, 2020

Two important questions

When it is a struggle to forgive and forget consider  what is not known Sister Elise Cholewinski Every person is a walking story. As I reflect on my own life and listen to many adults, I am finding... Read More

Reflection for Sept. 6, 2020

Practicing faith

Like great writing, growing in Jesus' love gets better with each  attempt Sister Carolyn Zahringer As Christians we are to be guided by the great commandment to love one another as Jesus loves us.... Read More