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Reflection for July 14, 2024

Reflection for July 14, 2024

Preaching love & faith for generations

Married couples are one example of Jesus' missioning

by Sister Agnes Fischer

And he sent them to preach two by two. (Mark 6:7)

As he once sent the apostles, he now sends married couples to preach – two by two.

From their wedding day, they are sent to preach love. The preface of the wedding Mass says: “In the union of man and woman you have given us a true image of your love.”

  • As they celebrate anniversaries, married couples preach fidelity.
  • Married couples preach by teaching their children “everything that I have taught you.”
  • They preach faithfulness by their labor and by their love with which they do the everyday tasks around the house.
  • They preach concern for others by their parish and volunteer activities.
  • As they age, they preach by passing on their Christian values and the family history to their grandchildren and by humbly accepting the assistance their children now offer them.

Can we come back to Jesus thrilled about our preaching success?


Rev. William j. Jacobs, Jr.
07/12/2024 6:29 am

We received word the night before last that our dear Annie is in her last moments. Please pray for us and for this treasure of a lady. Amen, for now.

Bless you Dear Sisters who were a very significant part of her life and mind.

Love you folks and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Father Bill Jacobs...

Sister Laura Zelten
07/12/2024 6:48 am

Nice reflection. Helps us remember we are all called to missionary discipleship, Thanks.

Joanne Goessl
07/12/2024 8:55 am

Great application of Jesus' sending forth! I especially like the closing question!

07/12/2024 9:36 am

Thanks, Sr. Agnes. This is a great application of sending out apostles two by two to preach love.

07/12/2024 4:26 pm

Love this!!!!!

07/13/2024 11:00 am

Excellent, as always from you ladies. Thanks Aggie

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