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Reflection for June 30, 2024

Reflection for June 30, 2024

"Talitha Kum: Arise!"

Jesus' words are our message to victims of human trafficking

by Sister Sally Ann Brickner

In today’s Gospel from St. Mark, Jesus compassionately heals a woman who suffers from a hemorrhage and also restores life to a child with the words: “Little girl, I say to you, get up!” In Aramaic, “Talitha Kum!” The Church invites us to rejoice that, though death came into the world through our rebellion against God, death has lost its power through Jesus Christ’s life-giving dying and rising. Like the little girl restored to her parents, we also receive new life in and through Jesus.

“Talitha Kum.” These words of Jesus have deep meaning for consecrated women who have dedicated themselves to ending the scourge of human trafficking. To women and girls who have been trafficked, Sisters throughout the world have said: “We say to you, arise!” Congregations of women religious have compassionately addressed the death-dealing victimization by human traffickers with life-giving assistance for survivors.

Talitha Kum is the name for the international network of organizations of women religious from every continent that collaborates to end the sin of human trafficking. In May, 153 representatives of the 60 Talitha Kum networks convened in Rome to observe the 15th anniversary of the organization and to set priorities for 2025-2030. You can read the final declaration  here.

In the USA, the Alliance to End Human Trafficking assists us in compassionately responding to the evil of human trafficking through education, advocacy, and survivor services. We are to be the hands and heart of Jesus in the world as we say to more than 50 million victims of human trafficking: “Talitha kum!” “We say to you, ‘Arise!’” With the power of Jesus’ Spirit at work in us, together we will end human trafficking.


Diann Wimmer
06/28/2024 2:28 pm

Thank you, Sr. Sally Ann, for this revealing and helpful information about "Talitha kum". The information from the General Assembly promotes hope and support for this mission. The Declaration tells us: Together, our actions have the power to transform lives with compassion, towards a world free of human trafficking.

06/29/2024 1:11 pm

About 4-5 yrs. ago I met a young Mom with a beautiful baby daughter @ a Christian Bible Study. I inquired of the child's name, and the obvious doting, nurturing Mom responded, "Talitha."

(ta LE' tha: long E ; accent on LE')

I knew immediately the name and its use in this gospel story. It has long been a most precious account for me, having had a 19 month-old-daughter whom JESUS surely must have spoken to in these same words.

I said, "Oh ...... from the gospel story .... "Little girl, get up!"

"Yes," the mother said in apparent surprise and wonderment that I would know.

We continued our conversation for a bit, and I learned more of her beautiful spirit in being so touched by the words of JESUS that she and the girl's Dad named their daughter, "Little Girl," knowing their beloved daughter would always have a name that JESUS, Himself, had spoken.

Debbie Tahany
06/29/2024 4:25 pm

So many, so much to pray for in a broken world! Thanks, Sr. Sally Ann.

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