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Reflection for June 16, 2024

Reflection for June 16, 2024

Attraction, not promotion

Actions of discipleship grow the Kingdom of God

by Sister Elise Cholewinski

“Attraction, not promotion.” This is one of the slogans used by groups that follow the principles of the Twelve Steps. I have never seen a poster or a billboard advertising Alcoholics Anonymous. Al-Anon. or any such program, and yet new people are continually joining them. Those groups have spread throughout the world.

In this Sunday’s readings we are presented with a picture of how the Kingdom of God will grow and how people of every nation will dwell within it. The prophet Ezekiel (17:22-24) writes about a tender shoot being planted and growing into a fruit-bearing tree with birds of all kinds hovering beneath its branches. In the Gospel Jesus tells the parable of the mustard seed (Mark 4:26-34). After being planted, it emerges as the smallest of shrubs but eventually becomes so large that numerous birds make their homes beneath its branches.

In our modern society the reign of God may seem like a tiny plant vanishing out of sight. We may be anxious and doubting that the Kingdom is actually growing. Many efforts have been put forth to “market” the Kingdom; however, we have come to realize that good music, social events, colorful banners, etc., are not bearing the results we anticipated. Perhaps the truth is, as some authors have suggested, that Jesus is the best kept secret in Christianity.

When have we spoken the truths that Jesus taught? When have we shown His mercy and compassion? How have we demonstrated His strength and courage? When have we extended a healing touch? How have we presented a vision of hope? When and how have we radiated peace and joy?

Attraction, not promotion.


Sister Agnes Fischer
06/14/2024 6:51 am

Thanks, Elise. Great reflection questions.

Rose Chaudoir
06/14/2024 8:54 am

Sister Elise, that was an awesome reflection of how we can all redirect our thoughts, actions and intentions!!! Thanks!!

06/14/2024 9:45 am

Thanks, Elise you have reminded us about our part in making sure that Jesus is not the "best kept secret of Christianity."

Mary Pierre
06/14/2024 12:35 pm

Thank you, Sister Elise. We enjoyed your insights on the readings and thought-provoking reflection questions.

Cheryl (Klaver) Mueller
06/14/2024 8:27 pm

Elise, the questions you share are a great seed for a daily examen. May God continue to bless you with wisdom and the health and strength to keep sharing.

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