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Reflection for April 21, 2013

Good Shepherd Sunday is a time to celebrate Jesus and all creation

Have you ever received good news that you couldn't wait to share? The Acts of the Apostles recounts a similar event. Filled with joy and the Holy Spirit, Paul and Barnabas "spoke out boldly" in... Read More

Reflection for April 14, 2013

Gospel shows that Jesus is in the ordinary and extraordinary

Our Gospel for this Third Sunday of Easter gives an account of the third appearance of Jesus to his disciples. Peter and some of the disciples are fishing and they see a charcoal fire on the... Read More

Reflection for April 7, 2013

Gifts of Easter continue to spring forth

The Risen Lord appears before His apostles on Easter night, the first time since His arrest. He comes bearing gifts, the gifts flowing from the Resurrection. Jesus wishes to share these gifts with... Read More

Reflection for Easter Sunday 2013

Christ is risen! Alleluia!

As the season of spring begins, we eagerly await signs of new life: birds singing in the trees and building their nests, patches of grass turning green, daffodils and crocuses pushing their way... Read More

Reflection for March 24, 2013

This Holy Week, listen for these fourphrases

Palm Sunday ushers in Holy Week, a time held sacred by the Christian world as it reflects on the incomprehensible, extravagant, forgiving and enduring love of God for the human family. This... Read More

Reflection for March 17, 2013

Through Christ, we are invited to a new, everlasting life

Who among us doesn't treasure something new? As a child we may have received a new toy, entered a new grade, or made a new friend. When older we might have invested in a new home, purchased a... Read More

Reflection for March 10, 2013

Father of prodigal son demonstrates God's forgiveness

"I want what I want when I want it." This is the attitude of the son in the beautiful story that Jesus tells us in this Sunday's Gospel, the parable of the prodigal son. That statement can... Read More

Reflection for March 3, 2013

Like an optimistic gardener, God is always working on us

"'For three years now I have come in search of fruit on this fig tree but have found none. So cut it down. Why should it exhaust the soil?' [The gardener said to the owner,] 'Sir, leave it for... Read More

Reflection for Feb. 24, 2013

Lenten journey is full of companions; first and foremost, God

by Sister Carolyn Zahringer We have arrived at the second Sunday of our Lenten journey.  Lent is to be a focused journey of faith. This is a "Year of Faith." We do not journey alone, for other... Read More

Reflection for Feb. 17, 2013

Lent -- A time to give up, give over, give back or receive again?

When I was a child, Lent was not something I looked forward to; my attitude toward Lent was on the gloomy side. It meant giving up, especially candy, and giving over more time to church. I... Read More