Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross in Green Bay, WI

Reflection for Aug. 20, 2017

by Sister Lynne Marie Simonich

The power of faith. Jesus met up with a Canaanite woman who asked Him to heal her daughter. At first, He refused but upon seeing her deep faith and persistence He responded to her request and healed her daughter. It didn’t matter that this woman was not “one of the flock" or that she was a woman or a Jew or Gentile. What mattered was that she had a deep faith in Jesus! 

The faith of this woman brought about a miracle. Her daughter was not with her or even nearby, yet Jesus healed her. How often have we prayed for someone or have been asked to pray for someone? Jesus’ healing power extends to those we pray for in faith. 


The idea of prayer is so well known, but the mystery of prayer is underappreciated, I think. I've had people tell me they thought prayer to ask for things didn't make sense because "how can you talk God into changing his mind about things?" I always tell them, God wants us to pray because he wants us to enjoy our dependence on him, and he wants us to stay close to him by keeping our minds and hearts open to him--which is what prayer does. But prayer is also a mysterious power, which I think we won't fully understand until we're in heaven. How else can reciting a rosary for an intention be of any value? In the rosary, we're not mentioning the intention at all, the words have no connection to the intention. And yet, that prayer, which unites us to God, generates a force for good. God tells us to pray because he knows we can accomplish more in that prayer than we can ever imagine here on earth.

And then of course there are the prayers of praise, contrition and thanksgiving, which seem a little more understandable.

I'm babbling. Your reflection got me to thinking. And that was the purpose, eh?

The power of faith and prayer!...thank you Sister, and thank you Monica for your thoughts!...
"You can pray for anything, and if you have faith, you will receive it."
Matthew 21:22

I think of St Monica who was so persistent in her prayer. It took 30 years for her prayer to be answered as she prayed for St Augustine to come back to the church & when he did look what he did.
Also when I pray the rosary every bead has a special intention.

Prayer is all about being / becoming ONE-WITH-GOD. Prayer is MUTUAL, as in 'we call God; God calls us.' 'We thank God; God thanks us.' 'We seek God; God seeks us.' God seeks hearts that are true, contrite, and ready to LISTEN.


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