Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross in Green Bay, WI

Reflection for Oct. 15, 2017

by Sister Mary Kabat

This Sunday’s Gospel of the Wedding Feast (Mt. 22:1-14) gives me the shivers. The king informs the guests, not once but twice, that it is time to come to his son’s wedding feast. They didn’t just check “unable to attend” on their reply card, they ignore the invitation or worse yet beat up the messengers and even kill them.  The king in his fury replies with violence. (If this was a program on TV I would have already changed the channel.)

Peace returns, and the king sends out his servants to invite everyone they can find to the feast that has been prepared.  Then the king spots someone there not in a wedding garment and has him tied and thrown out of the party!  What a way to react to a guest!

I don’t know about you, but I hope that I am never like those people who ignored and reacted negatively to our King’s invitations; invitations to share His life, His love, His joy and to be united with all those He has included in His feast.  I also hope that I am never caught unwilling to “put on” the heart and mind of the King’s Son. 


Very Nice, Sister! Thanks for sharing...

Father Bill Jacobs

P. S. Hope to visit over Christmas/New Years..

* Are you receiving an invitation from God?
God / God's Love is ever-expanding, like our ever-expanding Universe. In all the ways I have responded to invitations to meet new people, learn from others, listen to their beliefs and their stories - however 'different' from my own, or however 'same -' I have come to know that my understanding, my respect, my love and care for such a great diversity of 'others,' has truly grown and expanded. It is a good place to be.

* Are you being asked to “take off” a behavior or trait so you can “put on” one received from Jesus?
More and more I am 'shedding' or 'losing' attitudes and actions of prejudice, discrimination, non-acceptance. This, too, is a good place to be, as the wedding reception grows by leaps and bounds! :+)


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