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Reflection for Sept. 24, 2017

Reflection for Sept. 24, 2017

Earning vs. receiving

Heaven is not a justice issue.

The parable in Sunday’s Gospel illustrates the difference between earning and giving, or how we perceive fairness vs. how God loves equally. In Jesus’ parable, the landowner pays all the workers the same wage regardless of the hours worked. The workers who toiled the longest complain. The landowner rhetorically asks, “Am I not free to do as I wish with my own money?”

As you hear the reading proclaimed, substitute the word “love” when you hear words “wage” or “pay”. Feel your heart shift as you see again how we are all equal in God’s eyes. Admission to heaven is available to all, even the latecomers.

We as Christians should all abide by those words of receiving & giving to our LORD and others in need, which gives us a Blessing of our whole souls.

I have listened to this reading all my life and NEVER heard a homily say what I, in my mind, thought it was saying. You are the first to say in plain language what I have always thought that this reading was all about. Even though someone can live in Christ their whole life and expect Heaven to be their reward at its end, people who find Jesus at the last minute of their life will also receive the same reward as those who have believe their whole life. Both will receive the same reward!

So glad the reflection was helpful, Jeanette! Thank you for the kind words.


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