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Reflection for Sept. 27, 2015

Reflection for Sept. 27, 2015

Our lives are an opportunity to say 'thank you' for God's goodness

by Sister Francis Bangert

"Would that all the people of the Lord were prophets. Would that the Lord might bestow his spirit on them all!" (Nm 11:29)

From the time of Moses in the Old Testament to the time of James and Mark in the New Testament, we hear the timeless message. Avoid thoughts, words and actions that flow from a heart that is jealous, intolerant, unjust, arrogant and greedy, blocking the work of the Spirit. Be like the Holy One who, though just, also pours out loving kindness on those "who have their heart in the right place."


To be(come) prophet, is to listen. We cannot listen without open minds and hearts. We cannot listen without learning well the skills of dialogue.

Dialogue, like prayer, is a mutual self-giving exchange.

How much our Church, our world needs sincere, empathic, listening minds and hearts today! How much we need the Mind and Heart of JESUS!

Sister Fran, Thank you for your words of wisdom which have inspired me to reflect on ways that I may show the loving kindness of our Beloved Jesus and Holy God. Am I eager to forgive? Wow, that's a challenge...Only through God's mercy and grace and the power of the Holy Spirit am I able to forgive. On my own, I can do nothing....


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