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Reflection for Oct. 3, 2016

God's angels work together to benefit all of us

by Sister Jane Riha

We are surrounded by angels. Do you believe that you have a special appointed guardian angel?  This year, the Feast of Guardian Angels falls on a Sunday. There is no mention of angels in the readings for this Sunday but let us together consider the angels in our lives. As a child, I grew up believing for certain I had a guardian angel. I believe in my guardian angel to this day.

Angels are messengers. How often in the course of your life perhaps some unforeseen or unpredictable circumstance caused you confusion, doubt, insecurity. On some of these occasions, did some person, maybe a stranger, suddenly help you? I recall on my first trip to Mexico City alone, knowing very little Spanish, I was confused in the airport as to where to find the bus to go to Cuernavaca, when a kind, humble Hispanic man spoke to me in English, “Can I help you?” To this day, I know God sent him.  

The Scriptures are replete with the significance of angels as messengers from God. These passages reveal actual conversations with these messengers. They often assist the person to a deeper spiritual truth. Recall to mind Mary and the angel Gabriel.  

As a child, I learned this prayer to my guardian angel and I continue to pray it as an adult.


I believe that Sister Nada was sent by God to help me after my mother died. She went to Rome and is now in Prague and I love her to bits. Thats all I want to say really. I will never forget Sister Nada

When our 7yr old neighbor boy was dying from leukemia he said to his mother "there is an angel standing by my bed."

What a comforting message, Marie.


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