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Reflection for Oct. 2, 2011

Reflection for Oct. 2, 2011

by Sister Lynne Marie Simonich

The Gospel for this 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time is the familiar story of the landowner who left his vineyard in the hands of some tenants while he went on a journey.  He turned everything over to them.  He had labored to prepare the land by planting the vines, building a hedge around the vineyard and constructing a wine press.  He left with a dream that this vineyard would produce much fruit.

The tenants had the obligation to care for what had been given to them.  However, they became greedy - they acted as if the vineyard was theirs.  They forgot that the vineyard and the fruit it produced did not belong to them - they were simply caretakers, stewards of what belonged to another. They let selfishness control their lives.

Our God has entrusted us with a vineyard - with opportunities and resources to help us bring about an abundance of good fruit - peace, joy, compassion and love.  How have we responded to God's trust in us?  How have we used the opportunities and resources that God has given us to be joyful servants to others?

As we draw near to the Feast of St. Francis we know that he was a true laborer in the vineyard of God's creation. Francis celebrated life believing he was a caretaker for the Lord. With his inspiration, may we remember that all good gifts come from our God.  May we cherish those gifts and produce the good fruits our frail world needs.


Thanks, Lynne Marie, for your inspiring message.

Thanks,Lynne Marie, for sharing your thoughts with us . Inspirational. Good luck with studies this week.


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