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Reflection for Nov. 18, 2012

Reflection for Nov. 18, 2012

Our Gospel mission is clear when we remember our purpose

by Renae Bauer

Once in a while a TV show or movie will open with the conclusion then work backward. As the story unfolds we learn what decisions the characters' made. Piece by piece, we slowly understand why the story ends the way it does. This story-telling technique is effective because it is a stark contrast to our lives.

The author of Sunday's Gospel reminds me of this story-telling technique. As Christians, we know what "the end" is. It is God's promise of eternal life. What unfolds each day is our role and our decision to spread the Gospel. Mark assures us that this is our primary responsibility. Everything else is secondary.

We are hearing this message now for a reason. The current church year is coming to an end so it is an appropriate time to reflect on how we are preparing for the End Times. Mark's Gospel reminds us that for as long as humankind has existed, there have been problems to solve and injustices to correct. Our Christian call is to be aware of these sufferings as we share the Gospel, but not let them distract us from our purpose.

Indeed, we do not know when the Son of Man will "send out the angels and gather the elect." What we do know is what God asks of us.

Reflection questions:

YearOfFaithHowToby Sister Mary Kabat

To proclaim the Gospel and our faith tradition we must be "students." We need to read and study the Bible and learn about our faith.  Taking our reading and learning to prayer we need to allow it to penetrate deep within us so we may proclaim the Gospel by everything we do and say.  As St. Francis of Assisi said, "Preach the Gospel at all times; when necessary, use words."



Thanks, Renae, for the thought provoking analogy
for the "end-time".


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