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Reflection for May 5, 2024

Reflection for May 5, 2024

Nothing is impossible with God, including love

Here are some resources for  growing and (for)giving 

by Sister Agnes Fischer

Is it possible to love each other as Christ loves us?

In today’s Gospel Jesus invites us to “Remain in my love”.

St. John reminds us that God loved us first and sent the Son to show us how to love.

But God does not expect us to do the impossible. We are not alone.

  • Jesus, himself, taught us how to pray.
  • Our Church gives us the seven sacraments as vessels of God’s grace.
  • We have mentors – parents, teachers, friends, neighbors, co-workers -- who mirror God’s grace to us.
  • And we have those who look up to us and thus spur us on to be our best selves and to be vessels of God’s love and grace for them.

Therefore, full of love for Jesus, we can love each other as Christ loves us.


William Jacobs
05/03/2024 6:45 am

Yes, Sister, a beautiful message from our Lord and a Beautiful Message from you for us to attempt to carry on. You did a beautiful job of showing us what Jesus meant.

My beautiful Mom & two very Beautiful Sisters taught me to try to Love like He did.

One of those Sisters died very close to my Mother. I remember walking down the road where the Good Franciscan Sisters lived. I looked up in the Sky and yelled up to OUR LORD with the WORDS - "THAT's ABOUT ENOUGH!"!' The Good Lord Had taken two of the nicest ladies I had ever imagined having."

But as I reflect today with those two losses, I think of Annie, My Dear Sister who is battling day by day to fight off the "Dementia." Dear Lord, I've softened my thinking since those days I yelled at you when I had lost a Mom & a Sister. Today, I'd like you to take Annie from me with her suffering and let her go and reside with her Mom & her Sister. Lord, it's okay - I'd like Annie to go home and be with her Mom and her Sister. And thank you for giving me these three so beautiful ladies. They helped make me who I am today. Lord, you are so GOOD! You always were, and always will be: DEAR LORD, I LOVE YOU!

Cindy Bell
05/03/2024 8:38 am

Thank you Sr. Agnes. Each of your 4 points gives me food for thought - to help me appreciate God's Blessings in my life, & to help me grow closer to Him.

Thanks for sharing.

Diann Wimmer
05/03/2024 10:33 am

The challenge is certainly in the word: REMAIN in God's love as we embody and share love. Many thanks for your reflection.

05/03/2024 3:57 pm

Thanks for your reflection. Once again - good points for reflection.

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