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Reflection for May 29, 2022

Reflection for May 29, 2022

God never disappoints

The Ascension of the Lord celebrates God's promises to us

by Renae Bauer

Inevitably, there are disappointments in life. Maybe it’s a broken promise or less-than-truthful words from someone we respect or love. Perhaps we can look at these human failings and remember we are just that – human.

These occasional disappointments stand in stark contrast to God’s promises, which are the highlight of Ascension Sunday. God’s Kingdom is promised. The help of the Holy Spirit is promised. Jesus’ enduring presence is promised. Redemption is promised. Hope is promised.

As you look at this image, which promise are you reminded of? As Easter people, we have many promises to be joyful about.


05/27/2022 11:48 am

The All-Holy Spirit & Power-of-GOD helps and inspires us to "rise above" the chaos, violence, ignorance, arrogance, apathy and indifference of a fallen, and thus, hurting and suffering world. Not by "escaping" it, as in "going to live in another universe," but rather, in a way that gives us insight, understanding, wisdom, and a steadfast commitment to support, nurture, and heal the broken-hearted, and give our creative efforts and resources to help end violence, inequities, and ignorance.

At first glance, I might perceive this image as JESUS calling us to "la-la land." Yet, I know that is not anything JESUS ever did.

What I DO want to see in this picture is that JESUS, who endured SO MUCH to live and die for the TRUTH of the FATHER's LOVE for EACH & ALL, was, ultimately glorified by his Heavenly Father.

This, then, becomes OUR hope, too -- that remaining steadfast to the TRUTH of the FATHER's LOVE for EACH and ALL, no matter what we suffer for this deep-down conviction, we, too, will RISE, with CHRIST, in the Power of the Holy Spirit, and to the glory of the Father.

Irene Whatley
05/27/2022 3:18 pm

I will be with you always, a commitment we all know.

Keith Gonnering
05/27/2022 5:50 pm

A very humbling reflection, that we are all just Human.

Very Nice reflection !!

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