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Reflection for May 25, 2014

Reflection for May 25, 2014

Holy Spirit makes the impossible, possible

by Sister Jane Riha

During the past week, the daily readings from the Gospel of John are filled with the compassionate, loving words of Jesus. Jesus was preparing to leave those whom he loved and formed as disciples. His words are both reassuring and challenging.

Similar to the disciples, we may at times be confused by the mystery behind Jesus' words to us in the Scriptures and deep within in our heart. Jesus assures us that He will not abandon us even in our times of doubt, confusion and darkness. We hear Jesus' promise in the Gospel, "I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Advocate to be with you always ..." We know the Holy Spirit is with us, dwells within us, and strengthens us on our life's journey.

Jesus is the full outpouring of God's love. We, too, are called to prayerfully discern God's call to generosity, to selflessness, to full-hearted love of God and others. By entering into such a love relationship with God, we will come to know more deeply and intimately the God who dwells within us and the God whose face we see in those we meet each day.

Prayer: Come, Holy Spirit, open my heart to your presence.

Beautiful imagery of JESUS ... "the full outpouring " ... "of God's Love."

While recently listening to the Quaker song, "If You Believe and I Believe," I was moved to 'pray' the refrain with a couple of minor -- but really major -- word changes:

"If you believe and I believe and we together pray, the Holy Spirit must come THROUGH and set ALL People free."

In praying this, I could "see" how true it is that the Holy Spirit comes/works THROUGH us, from within us, not merely from somewhere outside ourselves.

Removing barriers that prevent the Spirit's work THROUGH us is a prerequisite. Allowing the Spirit to work freely THROUGH us is a great grace, indeed!

Thanks for sharing the Spirit!

Thanks Jane. I appreciate your reflection.

"we may at times be confused by the mystery behind Jesus' words to us in the Scriptures and deep within in our heart"
AMEN to that!

Thanks, Jane, for your reminder to deepen a personal relationship with the Holy One, who dwells within and without. Peace

Thank you Sr. Jane for this inspiration. Welcome home!

You have stated so well how the Spirit works in and through us. "Generosity, selflessness, full hearted love, within us, we see in those we meet each day" inspiring, thank you. Tom


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