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Reflection for May 11, 2014

Reflection for May 11, 2014

As we know our mother's voice, we know our Shepherd's, too

by Sister Laura Zelten

As we celebrate this World Day of Prayer for Vocations and Mother's Day, the choice of the Gospel passage could not have been better. In the story of the Good Shepherd we listen to the words of Christ; "My sheep hear my voice and they follow me."

I remember all the times my Mom called me. And by the tone of her voice I knew exactly if I was in trouble or if she needed something. My favorite memory is of how my Mom woke us up each morning. I loved her cheery voice.  She would always remind us if it was a day with special meaning, especially if it was the feast of one of her many favorite saints. I remember my Mom as the first person who called me by name.  Yes, in baptism we are all called by name, but it was she who named me. Like the Good Shepherd, her voice was distinct and I followed.

So I ask myself, "Am I familiar with the voice of the Good Shepherd? When God calls do I respond with enthusiasm?"  God has called each of us to a particular vocation -- single life, married life, consecrated life or ordained life.

Ultimately, a vocation is not defined by doing but rather by being.  We are called to live our lives in a generous response to the One who gave us life.  Being in the presence of the Father, sharing in the mission of Christ, and witnessing the power of the Spirit is what being a follower of the Good Shepherd is all about.

So we are asked today to pray for vocations in our Church.  We need committed men and women who believe that their call to consecrated or ordained life is from God.  We need to encourage and support each response. The Good Shepherd calls us by name.  May we respond by truly knowing, loving, and serving the One who calls us.


Sr. Laura,
Thanks for the beautiful meditation & tribute to our mothers!

Thanks, Laura, for the beautiful connection made between your Mom's and God's call. It's an image I can surely relate to. Thanks for picking my memory.

I will remember in prayer those who have chosen a life serving God & His church. I am blessed to remain a close friend with a lady who has given her life to the church - my 2nd grade Sister / Teacher - it was her "voice" in the late 50's that comforted me as a child, and 40+ yrs later the unmistakable comforting "voice" that comforted my Father in his final years. On this Mother's Day, my deepest thank you's to all who have listened to His voice and acted upon His call.

Thanks, Laura! A wonderful reminder of how are lives are blessed with mothers who have opened us to God's love for us.

Thank you, ,Laura, for the beautiful reflection.

Lovely reflection piece, thank you for sharing.

One additional thought: I think of "Good" as in "affirming." The voice of affirmation is a definite "Good," as in "Good Shepherd," and as in Our Good and Gracious God.


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