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Reflection for March 27, 2022

Reflection for March 27, 2022

Renewing the best in us

Lent gives the gift of   introspection and  conversion

by Sister Donna Koch

Sister Joan Chittister refers to Lent as the “time to renew the best in us.”  The Scriptures for this Fourth Week of Lent call us to do just that and remind us that to renew, growth will take some effort.

Whether we use the Gospel story of the Prodigal Son or the optional Gospel of the Man Born Blind, we can all look to the blind areas in our heart and mind and become aware of how the movement from darkness to light can bring about reconciliation and coming home again.  In this awareness, we ask for the light of Christ to move us from resistance to understanding, from resentment to acceptance, and from blindness to seeing what we might have overlooked. 

In reflecting on the Gospel story of the Prodigal Son I have an image of parents working side by side in the field. While pausing for a drink of water they see a figure in the distance walking toward them. The woman soon recognizes her youngest son and with choked breath says his name.  Her husband can hardly believe what he hears and begins to walk toward the figure, slowly at first and then, as recognition dawns, begins to run with open arms.  Tears trickle down his face as he embraces his son with unimaginable joy. This is the beginning of the journey back home.

Their journey is our journey.  I like to think that God has that same kind of posture toward us -- open arms, receiving us with unimaginable delight.  “I once was lost, but now am found, was blind but now I see.” The past has been transformed into something new.  God has fashioned the eyes of the heart so that looking inwardly in reflection and contemplation we are moved to respond in love.  What an amazing grace for the journey home. 

This day let us pray for the many persons who are lost and find only darkness within their minds; for those who have no home and need help for the journey; and for those who long for someone to believe in and love them.

Reflection Questions
  • What is the “best” in me that needs renewing?
  • Is there darkness in my heart that needs God’s transforming light?
  • What is my posture toward God? What is my image of God’s posture toward me?
  • What more do I need for the journey home?


Diann Wimmer
03/25/2022 10:03 am

Thank you, Donna, for this meaningful and thoughtful reflection. Most of all, thank you for including the mother of the son. As you wrote, she in fact, saw the son first and announced his arrival to the father. That is so possible and so much like a mother. No doubt she missed and prayed for her son every day. God heard her and brought the heart of her son to repentance and return. Many thanks for your inclusive note to this parable.

Tom Vandervest
03/26/2022 6:49 am

The past has been transformed into something new. This sentence has captured me and caused me to think about how the past is the past and can't be changed but it can be transformative to me now and in the future by reflecting on Jesus and trusting in grace.

Thank you, Sister Donna, for your meditation!

Rev. William J. Jacobs, Jr.
03/28/2022 9:58 am

Thank you, Good Sister!

Sorry I'm tardy in getting back to you.

A beautiful description of what the reunion of the Parents and the boy might have been like.

I also liked the theme: "A time to renew the best in us.."

My best to all the Sisters - let's keep each other in Prayer. I miss you folks,

Father Bill Jacobs

Sister Rose Jochmann
04/04/2022 10:58 am

Thanks, Donna, for reminding us of God's open arms.

Wonderful questions for reflection!

Fr. Ed Verdadero
09/13/2022 5:52 am

Beautiful may not capture enough the depth of this reflection..

Thank you dear Sr.Donna.

Peace and all Good.

Fr. Ed

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