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Reflection for March 1, 2015

Transfiguration: Taking up one's cross is part of the journey to glory

by Sister Annette Koss

At my parish, we sometimes discuss where we should have a cross placed in church:
on a wall, in a stand, among the people.
One Lent, each week the cross was moved to a different place among the assembly.
Recently, I was asked to be a communion minister at Mass.
Then, I was asked, "Do you need a cross?"
I said, "I have a cross" -- meaning the one I was wearing.
Then, I said, "I am a cross."
I moved from the concrete cross to its inner symbolism.

With the experience of the transfiguration,
Mark clearly connects the transfiguration with the cross,
placing the transfiguration between passion predictions.
He was expanding the disciples' understanding of Jesus as a suffering servant,
to be obedient in the midst of not fully understanding,
to give hope in the resurrection in times of persecution.
The disciples stood in a cloud as they experienced mystery.
Jesus would be the new Moses and the new Elijah with a new message.
Peter preferred to build three tents and prolong the experience.

The transfiguration was a call to discipleship:
"Deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me."
The transfiguration confirmed the teaching on the cross.
It was an invitation to risk one's life.
The disciples were called to understand the choices before them:
to deny Jesus was to live but ultimately lose life,
to follow Jesus was to risk death but gain life.


Thanks, Annette! It strengthened my call to Community & discipleship.

Wow! That insight "I am a cross" is powerful.

Cross statements really made me think:
Do you need a cross?
I have a cross.
I am a cross.
Where do I put the cross?
Blessings, Annette

Thanks, Nettie, for your reflection and for our discussion on this a couple days ago. Not easy...TO BE A CROSS, but it's the only way to find life.


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