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Reflection for June 4, 2023

Reflection for June 4, 2023

Love, mercy and grace

We might not understand the Holy Trinity but we can trust in its blessings

by Sister Lynne Marie Simonich

The Most Holy Trinity – who can explain the Trinity?  Who can  understand the Trinity?  Our readings for this great feast don’t answer those questions but do give us a glimpse of the ways God interacts with us.

In our reading from Exodus, God states His name – “Lord” – who is “merciful, gracious, slow to anger, rich in kindness and fidelity”.  Our Gospel passage from John describes Jesus as the “beloved Son” sent into the world.  St. Paul’s farewell to the Corinthians refers to Jesus who “graces” us, God who “loves” us, and the Holy Spirit who brings us together in community.  How blessed we are to have the Trinity where we find love, mercy,   grace, kindness and much more!

How would you describe the Trinity?

Slowly make the “Sign of the Cross” and remember that God is with us every moment of our lives.



06/02/2023 7:55 am

Thanks for your reflection on the Trinity. We don't have to understand. Just trust and accept God's love and faithfulness.

Rev. William J. Jacobs, Jr.
06/02/2023 8:24 am

I would describe the Trinity as a Triangle of Never-Ending-Love!

It's all in them. It's all there 24-7.

06/02/2023 10:35 am

Some ways I have come to understand, visualize, pray with, and 'know' the Trinity include:

* SOURCE (God, Creator) - FORCE (Holy Spirit, Energy) - COURSE (The 'Way,' JESUS)

* LIGHT - LOVE - LIFE (Each of these are Interchangeable with God, Holy Spirit, Jesus)

* LOVE - BELOVED - BELOVEDNESS (the Relationship, itself between Love and [the] Beloved)

* HOLY - HOLY - HOLY (Three times HOLY)


Mary Jo Adams
06/02/2023 1:55 pm

Special thanks to Sister Mary Kirt for the lovely remembrance card for the first anniversary of my Mom's passing. She is sorely missed and the thoughts and prayers meant a world to me.

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