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Reflection for June 3, 2012

Reflection for June 3, 2012

This Sunday's Gospel summarizes Matthew's message

by Sister Annette Koss

Whenever I look at a new book, I first look at the table of contents.  When the "America" magazine comes, I first look at the contents and then the cartoon.

The end of Matthew's Gospel, Matthew 28:16-20, provides a table of contents. The seven basic themes of the entire Gospel are highlighted:

There we have it; seven themes of Matthew's Gospel!  Here we have a mission statement for our personal lives, our religious communities and our church.

How do any of these themes reflect my life in a trusting relational way?


Gotta love Nettie. She is direct and to the point! Great reflection. Thanks.

Nettie, a 'cool' summary for life. Thanks.

Thanks, S. Annette, This summary was excellent.


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