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Reflection for June 24, 2018

Reflection for June 24, 2018

Leap, proclaim, cry out

“John heralded (Jesus’) coming by proclaiming a baptism of repentance
to all the people of Israel.” (Acts 13:24)

The word “herald” stands out in Sunday’s second reading from Acts. A herald can be an official messenger or a sign of something to happen. Several times in the New Testament we hear John herald the coming of Jesus:

We, too, join John in his mission. We are to leap, proclaim and cry out in the name of Jesus Christ so that others may come to know Him.  How will you herald the Good News today?

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CommentBubble"How will you herald the Good News today?" If I take my cue from Francis of Assisi, who underwent a deep and lasting conversion, as in 'repentance,' a turning toward God, whose "kindness leads us to repent" (Rom. 2:4), then my 'heralding' must be rooted in the very 'kindness of God,' whose loving mercy is ever-healing.

Thus, for all who suffer the effects of sin, especially the 'littlest,' the weakest, the most vulnerable, I am called to become 'healer,' in the image and likeness of our kind-and-loving God. Thus, I care and act for the healing of all 'little ones,' including the children who are suffering from the cruelty and violence of their forced separation from their parents and families. -- Linda


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