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Reflection for June 18, 2023

Reflection for June 18, 2023

Freely given, freely shared

God blesses us in perpetuity with gifts; we can do the same for  friends and strangers

By Renae Bauer

“Without cost you have received; without cost you are to give.”  ~ Mt 10:8

For the Apostles, this statement from Jesus in Sunday’s Gospel is a reminder that God has blessed them with gifts to be shared. No apostle earned or worked his way to the gifts of healing and teaching. There was no quid pro quo. 

Knowing this, with what gifts has God blessed me? Do I recognize them? Do I withhold them, particularly from people I judge as undeserving? Or do I share the gifts    without cost or expecting something in return?


Carol LaBouvé-Mennen
06/16/2023 7:14 am

A great reminder to share our wealth of gifts with others, be it a smile, holding a door open, calling a friend, or donating a little extra to a food bank; we touch many lives with our gifts.

Deacon Tom
06/16/2023 9:29 am

Concise, and challenging.

Sister Laura
06/16/2023 9:49 am

Such a great reminder that even the smallest act of kindness or the simple gift can make a difference. Thank you!

Mary Pierre
06/16/2023 11:48 am

Praying that this message is spread throughout our world.

06/16/2023 12:17 pm

Renae, this is such a beautiful and refreshing commentary of Sunday's gospel, in which we hear the memorable words of JESUS, "The harvest is great; laborers are few." Listening closely to JESUS, as you obviously have done, we hear this impassioned longing from JESUS coming from a heart of compassion, not from a corporate giant wanting his company to make more and more profit.

The 'fields' JESUS sees, and wants us to see, too, are the fields of those who are "troubled and abandoned, " [Matt: 9:36], the broken-hearted and sorrowing, those who feel unvalued, unheard, without purpose, meaning, or hope.

When our hearts are open to responding to others from hearts of empathy, care, and compassion - as we recognize our common humanity and our shared belovedness as children of God - we are "hearing" the voice of JESUS, "Send laborers out for me."

Your poignant reflection, Renae, echoes the sentiment of St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta: "Do little things with great love."

Thank you for sharing the Heart-of-the-gospel.

06/16/2023 4:43 pm

Thanks for the challenging reflection questions!

Bobbie Reinhart
06/17/2023 1:33 pm

As a Senior widow lady I would like to thank the many people who have been kind to me! The young gentleman who filled my gas can for my lawn mower, the lady who took my grocery cart back to the rack IN THE RAIN and the many folks who hold the door open! Oh, and the phone calls from my son almost every day!!! I am BLESSED! This all makes me smile! God Bless!

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