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Reflection for July 3, 2016

Proclaiming 'the kingdom of God is at hand' is possible through words & actions

by Sister Agnes Fischer

This weekend, we mark a great beginning -– the birth of our country. As a matter of fact, we’re just ending a time of year when we celebrate a lot of great beginnings: graduations, weddings, ordinations.

All these momentous beginnings signal life going on, landmarks being reached. They’re moments of great hope. So is the moment we encounter in Sunday’s Gospel when Jesus sent 72 of his followers into the world to begin His work.

We don’t know who these people were. Luke doesn’t name them. They weren’t necessarily any of the 12 apostles. They were, it seems, ordinary people -- faithful followers of Christ who were eager to spread his message. If you want an idea of what they looked like just look around you. We are those 72.

The mission is universal and so is the message: peace. Peace is the first word Jesus speaks to his followers after the resurrection. And it is the message he wants his disciples to carry into the world, as well. Peace.

He also wants us to proclaim another simple truth: “The kingdom of God is at hand.” Now just maybe that’s not something you say every day. But we don’t need to proclaim it with words. We proclaim it with our lives.

Where do you find the kingdom of God? It is a nurse bathing a leper; a chaplain praying over a prisoner; a teenager helping the homeless; a mother and father teaching their child the Sign of the Cross. This tells the world, “The kingdom of God is at hand.” We proclaim it with simply being who we are and using the gifts that God gave us.

Consider Christ’s simple instruction to His followers: Don’t take a money bag or a sack or sandals. In other words, bring nothing but yourselves. Use this. What we are, who we are, is enough.


Sister Agnes,
Thank you for your beautiful reflection, as we begin this important
holiday weekend. As we enjoy all the patriotic celebrations we are
reminded how blessed we are in America.

You said it, Agnes, we are enough...our lives are the message! Gracious.

Thanks Ag for the reminder we are all called to discipleship.

Wow, what a thoughtful reflection. It really made me stop and think what have I done in the past week for others.

An excellent reflection..very practical, very real. Thanks, Aggie.

"What we are, who we are, is enough". Powerful, thought provoking statement! Thank you!

Sr. Agnes,
Thank you for the thought provoking reflection. May we grow in our understanding of our kingdom tending each day to bring about peace.


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