Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross in Green Bay, WI

Reflection for July 22, 2018

by Sister Agnes Fischer

In Sunday's Gospel we hear how even Jesus and his apostles got caught up in their teaching and healing that they "had no opportunity even to eat" (Mk 6:31). How many times have we been caught up in so much activity that we didn’t have time to:

Then it may be time to “come aside and rest awhile” (Mk 6:31).

The final prayer of Sunday’s Mass says it well: “Lord, graciously be present to your people and help us to pass from former (busy) ways to newness of life.”

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CommentBubbleExcellent words this morning, Sister Agnes. Thanks. -- Cheryl

CommentBubbleAnd it's good, too, to hear Sunday's message through the heart, care, and attention of a shepherd, whose constant presence with and among the flock allows him to know each and every sheep - by name - and by personality, and by need. The shepherd does not merely 'have a job' or 'have a job to do,' but the true shepherd has sheep, creatures of warmth and affection - individual ewes and lambs and rams that he has known since birth. The true shepherd is the One who takes time to know each one, and to pay attention to what each one is about, like a mother who bonds with each child. (Resp. Ps. 23: "The LORD is my Shepherd ...) -- Linda

CommentBubbleThanks, Aggie. You say so much in a few words. A gift! -- Sr. Fran

CommentBubbleGood reflection, Sr. Agnes. I especially liked "family dinners-no phones!" We have forgotten what is important in our lives. That chair is still empty next to me-miss you!



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