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Reflection for July 19, 2020

Reflection for July 19, 2020

Separating weed from wheat

The perfect harvest comes from tending to  God's good seeds

by Sister Laura Zelten

I love to garden and this year I have been taking care of my Dad’s flowers at his home in De Pere. Dad had planted an invasive flower some years ago and now wants it gone. I have been pulling it up bit by bit. Last week when I went to weed and water the flowers, I noticed that some of the flowers were brown. I asked my Dad if he was spraying weed killer. He answered, “Yes, I want to get rid of the weeds.” I said, “You are killing the flowers, too.” He asked, “How do you propose getting rid of the weeds?” My answer was with patience and pulling them up one at time. It might take longer but the flowers will flourish.

All of this reminds me of the parable we will hear in Sunday’s Gospel. Jesus tells His disciples: “The kingdom of heaven may be likened to a man who sowed good seed in his field. While everyone was asleep, his enemy came and sowed weeds in the wheat field, and then went off.” The crops and weeds grew together until harvest time when the harvesters collect and burn the weeds allowing for the safe gathering of the wheat.

What are the “weeds” in your life? Do you strive to uproot your “weeds” before they establish deep roots? Most likely, we will never uproot all the weeds in our lives; however, if we nurture the good seeds that have been sown by God we will produce an abundant, if not perfect, harvest.


07/17/2020 6:23 am

Sr Laura,

What a beautiful way to look at life. Thank you for your words of inspiration.

07/17/2020 6:46 am

Sinner and saint,

Both are we.

When we name our sin,

Then we "see!"

When we hide it deep

Despair we reap.

Sally Ann
07/17/2020 6:50 am

I love the earthiness of your reflection, Laura. Patience wins the day in rooting out faults. But I confess to using organic weed killer in a targeted manner on invasive plants like Russian Sage.

07/17/2020 7:59 am

Always nice to see your beautiful smile, Sr. Laura. I feel your enthusiasm for gardening; and have fond memories of the postulant & novice days working/playing in the Motherhouse garden alongside Sr. Lawrence. We harvested bushel baskets of tomatoes and buckets of strawberries. I remember weeding the carrots with a fork. Oh, those were the days! Sending you & yours peace and love!

Father Bill Jacobs
07/17/2020 8:02 am

Thanks for the wonderful association with your Dad's Flower Garden. I remember those days on the Farm very well.. Regardless of our example, the weeds have to be pulled up one at a time & before they establish deep roots... Thanks much for your thought!

Stay cool & safe!

Father Bill

Sister Rose Jochmann
07/17/2020 10:05 am

Great comparison between your dad's weeds and the Gospel. Yes, taking care of the "weeds" in our lives takes the same kind of patience.

07/17/2020 10:21 am

Laura's story reminds me of how vigilant -- and honest -- we each and all need to be. There are certain times in our lives when our "good intentions," like planting a flower because it's beautiful and hardy, without considering the negative consequences of the pervasive, all-consuming, dominating plant, turn into something harmful. Vulnerable 'others' succumb to the ever-growing 'monster.' Corruption becomes more and more rooted, and is all the more problematic to the lives of all 'others.'

Laura's story is like a parable. We must each look for the 'meaning' of what Spirit wants to teach us today. And in gaining some 'new' understanding or insight, act on it, according to what we feel called to do.

07/19/2020 2:05 pm

So many weeds...SO little time

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