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Reflection for July 10, 2022

Reflection for July 10, 2022

Two Good Samaritans

Both people in Sunday's Gospel model God's care 

by Sister Lynne Marie Simonich

Our Gospel for this 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time is the familiar story of the “Good Samaritan” – the traveler who was moved by compassion to help a stranger.

The Samaritan took the stranger to an inn and took care of him first. When he left he asked the innkeeper to continue caring for the stranger and promised to repay him for any expenses on his return.

Maybe there were really two Good Samaritans – what about the innkeeper who took care of this stranger and trusted in the word of the traveler? We don’t know the ending of this parable but we do know that God’s love was shown through both of these people. In our violent world today it is good to focus on the generosity of the “Samaritans” we hear about in the news. They sometimes are people who put their own lives at risk. They are often “strangers”. They are those who live next door and those we meet on the street. They are God’s hands reaching out in love and compassion.

Reflection questions:
  • Have you been helped by a “Good Samaritan”?
  • Have YOU been a “Good Samaritan”?


Cathy A
07/08/2022 7:32 am

Sr Lynn had been a Good Samaritan to me. Her kindness was her gift to me.

07/08/2022 7:53 am

Sometimes, the "smallest" of things, becomes a most powerful "teacher" for us ....

A woman of little wealth, but with a gigantic care and thoughtfulness for others, who cashiers at a local grocery store, cuts out coupons at home, puts them in a little 'coupon saver,' brings them to work and keeps them at her register. When she sees that someone checking out has an item or two - or more - that she has a coupon for, she scans the coupon for the benefit of the customer.

The "experience" of witnessing this woman taught me a "new" and "deeper" meaning of the parable of the widow's mite. And now I associate it with the story of the Good Samaritan, too.

THANK YOU, Sr. Lynn Marie! :)

Donna M Schneeberger
07/08/2022 9:20 am

Your insight into this parable makes us look beyond the obvious. There are many "Inn Keepers'' in this world that we don't recognize. Right now I think of all those people helping the Ukraine refugees thru donations and most importantly being in their midst to offer what ever support they can.

And yes I have experienced many Good Samaritans in my life and in my own way I also try to be one.

Thank you Lynn Marie

Luann Rodrigues
07/08/2022 9:54 am

I experienced many good Samaritans last year when I had my knee replacement. People would call and say they were bringing over food Right at lunchtime Unexpectedly. My garbage can would miraculously be put away after the garbageman came. I receive cards of encouragement. There were many little kindnesses shown that I very much appreciated. There are many more good Samaritans out there than I could have imagined.

Irene Whatley
07/08/2022 12:21 pm

I can relate to this, I didn’t have the extreme that the stranger had of course. While I was grocery shopping yesterday three different people helped me. I had an electric cart and they helped me get it and things down from the shelves. I thanked them but it seemed I should do more. There are a lot of Good Smaritans.

Sr Rose Jochmann
07/08/2022 3:29 pm

Good reflection on the Samaritans in our lives. And, a reminder to be the Good Samaritan!

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