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Reflection for July 10, 2016

Reflection for July 10, 2016

How to inherit eternal life? Love!

by Sister Margaret Mary Halbach

Have you spent time reflecting on the scholar's question posed in Sunday's Gospel: "What do I need to do to inherit eternal life?" This is an important question for each of us to ask. Jesus affirms the scholar's answer, "love God with all your strength" and "love your neighbor as yourself."

Is loving as simple as it sounds? Are all people easy to love? Are all easy to forgive? Can we show mercy equally toward all people? In a family, community, and neighborhood, a lot of human faults can get in the way of loving your neighbor as yourself. The effort is what Jesus is asking of us.

Today is our 40th Halbach family reunion. It will be a fun time sharing stories, favorite foods, etc. in the town's water park with about 175 folks. Our "inheritance" is based on our faith so we always begin with a Mass at the parish where most of us were baptized. This will be an easy time of sharing our love with family even though our lives hold good and not-so-good situations.

God gives the promise of eternal life to all. The process seems simple for attaining. Let us remember that the Lord is with us in the difficult times. He loves us ... we are His family.


Thanks Sr Margaret Mary for your reflection. Very thought provoking and personal.

What a special day for the Halbach family! News of the reunion and how your family of believers honors God's promise of eternal life was very special to read & special of you Sister to share.
Blessings and safe travels for the Halbach Family!

Our country & the world needs these words. Especially with all the hatred today. Pray for our world, God is the answer. Have fun at your family reunion! Love you, SMM, Claire

"Let us remember that the Lord is with us in the difficult times. He loves us...we are His family." I needed to hear those words today and feel them settle into the deepest recesses of my soul. Thank you for your reflection, Sister Margaret Mary

So lovely to see your gentle smile on this week's reflection. Please give my love to all our family from across the miles in California.


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