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Reflection for Jan. 5, 2014

Reflection for Jan. 5, 2014

What will be your epiphany on this feast day?

by Sister Mary Kabat

Today we celebrate the Epiphany of the Lord.  Epiphany is not a word we use every day.  In the dictionary I found two definitions.  One is "a manifestation of a divine being," an appearance of God. That fits this feast as the magi followed the star to find a king but also found the Son of God as a baby in his mother's arms.

The second is "a leap of understanding, especially through an ordinary but striking occurrence." I like this definition. I think it gives light to this feast and to the days before us in this New Year.  This feast invites us to join the magi and seek day and night with study, prayer and persistence for God's presence and guidance in our lives.  This feast invites us to open our eyes, our arms and our treasure to make that leap of understanding and find God in the ordinary here with us -- in the baby in our arms, in the hand we shake, in the moonlight, in the chaos of children at play, in the eyes of someone who cares, in quiet nights (you can add more to the list).  With eyes and hearts wide open, we see what is before us and see so much more; we see and know God-with-us.

In this feast we learn that our God has a heart open in love for all people. God wants to be found and will give us a big, bright star if necessary to bring us to kneel in awe before the One who desires to share our human life now as Jesus did from his birth to his death.

Go before us, O God, always and everywhere,
that we may perceive with clear sight and revere with true affection
the mystery of your Only Begotten Son with us.


I agree, I like the 2nd definition. It will provide for good meditations this year. THANKS!

Great definition, thanks Sr. Mary

The first definition - the son of God, as a baby in his mothers arms - has real meaning....thanks

Thank you Mary.

Sister Mary,
Your insights and reflective words always seem to resonate with me. Bless you for sharing your gift of prayer and reflection. Each week, I look forward to reading the reflections from your community.
Happy and blessed New Year!
God bless!

The second definition is what I'm hoping for this year--an epiphany, a surprise. May you have one, too.

Sr. Mary.
Your reflection really drew me in. Something to ponder about and its meaning for me. Pray is a journey to knowing God.
Thank you..

Well put, Mary....God's hidden presence is IN and OVER all...a feast we can celebrate every day, every minute.


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