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Reflection for Jan. 28, 2024

Reflection for Jan. 28, 2024

Where do you hear God's voice?

Prophets, saints and all of creation — yesterday and today — echo Jesus

by Sister Agnes Fischer

Today’s psalm response reminds us that Jesus speaks with authority:

If today you hear his voice, harden not your hearts.

  • God speaks to us in the infinity of creation: the sun, moon, stars, the oceans, flowers, the face of a baby, the laughter of children …
  • God speaks to us in prophets who know how to listen and communicate God’s message.
  • God is manifest in saints of old and of today so we can know God, love God and have confidence enough to put our lives in God’s hands.
  • God gives us a Mother, model of obedient listening manifested in action.
  • And above all, God gives us Jesus, the unique teacher with authority that “even the spirits obey him”.

If today you hear his voice, harden not your hearts.   In other words, pay attention!



Sally Ann Brickner
01/26/2024 6:03 am

Thank you, Sister Agnes. Yes, to me the message is to pay attention AND to act in accord with Jesus' loving compassion.

01/26/2024 6:17 am

Sister Agnes:

Wow, what a nice reflection to lead us into the weekend.

Thank you!!

01/26/2024 9:35 am

Thank you for reminding us of all the ways that God speaks to us! Pay attention.

01/26/2024 1:22 pm

God is truly everywhere and in everything around us!

01/26/2024 1:23 pm

Yes, word lover (etymologist) that I am, I can't help but think of the words, "author," "authentic," "authority," and "authoritarian."

Think for a moment of voices you have heard and encountered in your life .......

Some voices are more "authentic" than others. The "authentic" person speaks without hypocrisy or duplicity, what the Native American Cultures called speaking with a "forked tongue."

The AUTHENTIC and thus, AUTHORITATIVE voice is very different from the voice of an AUTHORITARIAN. Authoritarianism is about domination and control.

"AUTHENTIC AUTHORITY" is about love and care for others, seeking to serve and govern for the greater well-being of all - not for one's own glory, honor, and power.

JESUS had, continues to have, and will always have the AUTHENTIC VOICE of AUTHORITATIVE LOVE, CARE, REVERENCE, and RESPECT.

Perhaps, These Times call each of us to LISTEN - and DISCERN more deeply.

Perhaps a sincere, prayerful request for a LISTENING HEART will be the beginnings of a "NEW LIFE" for all, as The Word of God intends.

Cheryl Mueller
01/26/2024 2:28 pm


What a profound reminder of how God is present to us in so many different ways and the need to listen and respond. You have also shown us how to do that in your life. Remember looking at constellations with a flashlight?

Thank you much for your witness.

Diann Wimmer
01/26/2024 3:07 pm

Agnes, with all the evidence you've given, how can humanity miss God's message!!

May we grow in awareness and consciousness.

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