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Reflection for Jan. 16, 2022

Reflection for Jan. 16, 2022

Wedding at Cana

God's grace  can work little miracles in marriages today

by Sister Agnes Fischer

Thanks to the miracle of Jesus at the wedding feast at Cana, his disciples believed.

Thanks to the “miracles” in Christian marriages, we believe.

  • The miracle of love that doesn’t turn water into wine, but human selfishness into paternal, maternal and conjugal love.
  • The miracle that turns a couple into co-creators with the Father, co-redeemers with the Son and co-consolers with the Holy Spirit.
  • The miracle of love and pardon so that the wedding wine never runs out.
  • The miracle of journeying together to the end, rejoicing in the fruits of their love.

All these miracles can be ours when we combine the “water” of our efforts with the “wine” of God’s grace.


Sandy Honzik
01/14/2022 8:32 am

Beautiful words. I love the co-creators phrase. The trinity does play a huge role in our marriage. I just read this to my husband of 33 years. Thank you.

Lawrence J Jandrin
01/14/2022 10:36 am

right on!!

Irene Whatley
01/14/2022 10:46 am

We have been married for 72 years and I believe in the miracle of love. Tom isn’t Catholic but acts more Christian then a lot of us. We have been blessed in life even though several said such a marriage can’t last. Thank you God!

Dave and Lola Daniels
01/14/2022 11:22 am

As a married couple, 53+ years, we enjoy the Miracle/Blessing of our co-creation leading to loving our 8 grandchildren and our 2 (so far) great-grandchildren! Praise and Thanks to God!

Rev. William J. Jacobs, Jr.
01/14/2022 3:31 pm

Dear Sister!

Thanks for your list of Miracles! How powerful & how true!

Thanks for sharing...

Bleated Happy New Year - 2022!

Father Bill Jacobs

Bert Lebrick
01/15/2022 11:52 am

Wow! What a beautiful reflection Sister Aggie.

Debra Haven
01/16/2022 11:58 am

Love the metaphor "water" our efforts, "the good wine", God's sweet grace.

Marge Lamphere
01/17/2022 8:05 am

Thank you Sister Agnes, for the very “timely “ message in my life. So we’ll said.

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