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Reflection for Jan. 15, 2012

Reflection for Jan. 15, 2012

by Sister Mary Kabat

We have come to the close of National Vocation Awareness Week (Jan. 9 to 14), but our Scripture readings continue the spirit of the week.  We see the young Samuel peacefully asleep when God calls to him.  We watch him leap up and run eagerly to Eli, "Here I am."  Here I am, ready and willing to do whatever you ask of me.

We have "Samuel" times in life when we feel eager to give ourselves fully to someone or something and anticipate the good that will come to our lives …college, a job, marriage, a child… In all the experiences of life God is calling us to grow, mature and speak our "Here I am" more fully, truly and deeply.

But our God knows that we also become "more" by becoming "less."   In the Gospel John the Baptist reveals Jesus as the Lamb of God to his disciples and then lets them go to follow him.  That day John's "Here I am" was to embrace his diminishment.

We have "John" times in life when we are called to say "Here I am" to an illness, a job loss, the death of a loved one, and other challenges human life brings us.  In those moments God is calling us to embrace those experiences with trust and belief that they also are opportunities for us to become more fully the person God is ever calling us to be.

Sister Laura Zelten, our Vocation Director, closed her National Vocation Awareness letter to us with these words:  "Let us pray that each of us, in our full response to God's call may, like Jesus, (like Samuel, like John) hear God say, 'You are my beloved with whom I am well pleased.'"

Sister Mary, thank you for tying together so beautifully the examples of Samuel and John that help us recognize in our lives the moments of God's visitation.

Mary, Thank you very much for bringing together life in all its aspects in the latest scriptures.! You opened me to a much broader need for openness when saying: "Here I am Lord!. Blessings on you! Paulette

I enjoyed your reflection, Sister Mary. The two Scripture passages fit very well with vocation call to see where Jesus stays--and follow Him.

Dear Sister Mary,

Your reflection is beautiful! Thank you for being a blessing in my life!

God Bless,

Thank you Sister Mary for pointing out the different ways of answering "Her I Am Lord". Many times when I am saying Lord I am ready to do your will I am not fully/truly prepared. Words to ponder.

Hi, Mary--Your 'Samuel' times and 'John' times helped clarify the 'energy' times and the 'downer' times in life. Cleverly positioned and very easy to grasp.
Thanks for your creativity.


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