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Reflection for Feb. 15, 2015

Reflection for Feb. 15, 2015

St. Paul: Our humble actions give glory to God

Similar to our written reflections, image reflections invite us to enter deeply into Sacred Scripture. Take a few minutes to gaze upon the image below. Hear St. Paul teach the Corinthians that, as Christians, our actions matter.

Reflective questions:


"Thank You."
A picture is worth a thousand words ...... and more .... as we can always "see" more into it. A very nice change.

A lovely reflection... thank you for reminding us that our actions DO matter (even when we think they don't).

A gift to all of us for Valentine Day. St. Paul is my special patron as I chose my religious name. Thank You!

Hearts are a favorite symbol of mine. So many of them with light and red connected to a scripture, spoke to my heart. Thank you

I LOVE red and its various shadings into pink. The visual--can one ever receive too much love? I think not...what the world needs now is love, sweet love. Thanks, Renae. An excellent visual.

This will be the first Valentines Day without my husband of 54 yrs. I am going to call a few friends and wish them a Happy Valentines Day!

Bobbie, Please know that we will hold you and your husband in prayer. What a beautiful gesture on your part. He is surely smiling from Heaven!


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