Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross in Green Bay, WI

Reflection for Dec. 9, 2018

by Sister Mary Kabat

In this Second Sunday of Advent, we hear the Prophet Baruch calling Jerusalem to put on the splendor of God’s glory and cast aside all their misery.  We also hear John the Baptist inviting the people to a baptism of repentance.

As you read and reflect on these Scriptures do you find yourself longing for the glory of God, longing for divisions between loved ones or nations to be smoothed, or longing for the assurance that God is with you and is working good in and through you?

We do NEED this yearly time of Advent, this time to prepare ourselves in heart, mind and lifestyle to celebrate more fully than ever the birth of Christ in our world, our loved ones and ourselves.

Though the Gospel story is of John preparing the way for the adult Jesus, we also know John as the new “Elijah,” a precursor of the Messiah who came to us as an infant.  John’s invitation to repentance is needed now as well as in the weeks of Lent.  Let us let go of that which is forming a mountain or a valley in us, let us let God do the work of smoothing and filling this Advent so we may better know the Lord and hear his voice speaking joy in our hearts.

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CommentBubbleLovely reflection, Sister. I especially like the way you tied in the wise words delivered during President Bush’s eulogy, reminding us that there was indeed a time when we were willing to do some of the “smoothing and filling” on those mountains that separate us ourselves ... -- Michelle



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