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Reflection for Dec. 4, 2011

Reflection for Dec. 4, 2011

by Sister Elise Cholewinski

"The beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God." (Mark 1:1)

With these words, which are really a Resurrection statement, Mark summarizes the whole Gospel that he writes.  We know this is a Resurrection statement because Mark refers to Jesus as the Christ, the Son of God.  Only after receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost did the disciples understand that Jesus was truly the long-awaited Messiah and Lord.  Mark uses this declaration about Jesus at the beginning to indicate that everything that Jesus does in the Gospel will reveal Him as Messiah, climaxing in the final act, His death on the cross.  We need to read the Gospel of Mark, then, with "Resurrection eyeglasses."

In the rest of this Sunday's Gospel we hear the prophetic cry of the Advent season, "Prepare the way of the Lord."  It's not a matter of getting ready for Christmas; it's a matter of preparing for the birthing of Christ in today's world.  We can only do that by living in the desert as John the Baptist did, by spending time in solitude and silence, by focusing on the Word of God instead of all the material products that the culture sets before us, by allowing the mountains of self-seeking to be leveled and the valleys of complacency to be filled, by letting Jesus live and rise in us.  Then the Word of God can again take on flesh in us.  Then we can point a finger toward ourselves and say, "Here begins the good news of Jesus Christ."  People will have to read us with "Resurrection eyeglasses."



Sr. Elise--thank you so much for your 'resurrection eyeglasses' reflection. You say so much in such a few words. Your message was packed with thoughts to savor..Thanks.

Thanks so much for the beautiful reflection. You are such a gifted woman. Blessings to you.

I like the phrase "resurrection eyeglasses" Thanks, S. Elise.

What wonderful insights, Sr. Elise. I appreciate your reminder that we are to be "Resurrection People" every hour of every day - even during Advent.


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