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Reflection for Dec. 18, 2011

Reflection for Dec. 18, 2011

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Advent Minute

by Sister Lynne Marie Simonich

Were you ever given a gift but were told first to "Close your eyes and open your hands?" You probably did that, trusting the person would put something special in your hands. In our gospel for the Fourth Sunday of Advent, Mary opens her heart and soul, saying "yes" to God with total trust and a leap of faith. Her "yes" brought God's greatest gift to her and to our world -- the gift of Jesus!

Mary believed that "nothing was impossible with God" and she was willing to do what God asked even if it seemed difficult or hard to understand. She was open to possibilities and ready to take a journey she hadn't planned on taking.

During this last week of Advent, as the world is filled with busyness, may we find the space and time to close our eyes and open our hearts to welcome the Lord in a new way ... to say "yes" to whatever God asks of us ... to trust in God's grace and promise of everlasting love.

WOW, Sr Lynne Marie! A inspiring reflection! I will use your suggestion. Blessings on you.

Thanks Sr. Lynne Marie. Inspiring and thought-provoking.

I'll remember this one. And I'll pass it on to others. Thank you; you have touched my heart.

Lynne Marie, thank you for relating your reflection to an experience so many of us have had. I appreciate your thought that we have open and receptive hearts such as Mary did.

By the way, nice photo!

Thanks, S. Lynne Marie--Some days it is easier to trust in God's grace and promise of everlasting love than others. This week will be great opportunity to 'begin again."

A wonderful reflection. Mary's was a great leap of faith to say "yes" to angels asking her to become the mother of Our Savior.

I always enjoy your reflections and insights.


What an inspirational message - and it fits so well with our futuring process!


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