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Reflection for Aug. 8, 2021

Reflection for Aug. 8, 2021

Sacred food for the journey of life

Our communion, or oneness, in Eucharist connects us more deeply to Jesus and one another

by Sister Sally Ann Brickner

Though the Catholic Church now celebrates Ordinary Time, Sunday's Scripture passages focus on the extraordinary. From the Book of Kings we read about Elijah leaving town in a hurry in order to escape from Queen Jezabel’s wrath following the death of all her prophets. He had no time to pack provisions, and so collapsed under a broom tree after his first day’s journey into the desert. God provided a double portion of bread and water so that Elijah could travel for 40 days through the desert to Mount Horeb.

John’s Gospel is a continuation of the last two Sundays’ discourse by Jesus who described Himself as the living bread come down from heaven. Jesus knows that, like Elijah, we are on a journey and need nourishment in order to accomplish what God wills for us. But the food that Jesus provides is not like that given to Elijah. It is ever so much more…the very body and blood of Jesus Himself. Jesus promised His followers that whoever eats His flesh and drinks His blood will become a new person and will live forever!  

St. Paul wrote to the Ephesians about the nature of the person who eats the flesh and drinks the blood of Jesus. That person takes on the nature of Jesus, Himself, and becomes like Him - kind, compassionate, and merciful.

May the communion in your Sacrament
that we have consumed  save us, O Lord,
confirm us in the light of your truth.
Through Christ our Lord. (Prayer after Communion)
Reflection questions:
  • When have I, like Jesus, become bread for others?
  • What empathy do I feel for persons who must flee for their lives, such as from violence or natural disasters or who are becoming homeless due to the housing crisis?  Am I reaching out to them?
  • As a member of the Body of Christ, am I doing my part to stem the impact of COVID-19 as new variants appear?

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Fr. Bill Jacobs
08/06/2021 6:15 pm

Thanks so very much Sister!

I love your reference to "Ordinary Time." Following Jesus is anything but Ordinary... I love it! Great Question: "When have I, like Jesus, become Bread for others?

My very best to you & all of the "Good Sisters!"

Always in appreciation for what the Sisters of Holy Cross did for me - My eight (8) years at Holy Cross made into a Special person, (i.e. a determined Student; a Teacher; an Assistant Principal; a High School Principal; and a Priest!) Who could ask for more? Father Bill

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