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Reflection for Aug. 28, 2022

Reflection for Aug. 28, 2022

Feeling preoccupied?

Freedom  in God is the key

by Renae Bauer

I expected to see something else.

While preparing this week’s reflection I searched the dictionary for the definition of "humble" and "humility" since they appear five times in Sunday's readings. I expected the dictionary to use words like “embarrassment” or “having a low opinion of one’s self.” Instead, I read: “Freedom from pride or arrogance.” This is the focus of Sunday’s readings. God wants us to be humble -- free of preoccupation with ourselves so that we can be preoccupied with God and service to others.

My challenge for the days ahead is to evaluate my humility. Am I thinking about God or myself? Am I helping others or judging them? Am I growing in faith and love or am I stuck in jealousy, anger and greed?


William C. Mitchell
08/26/2022 7:25 am

Yes, I believe with all that is happening around us, it is very EASY to be pre-occupied with life's ever changing pitches being thrown towards us. And yes, I'm guilty of it...but I always manage to take a moment (even just a moment) to bow my head and Thank God for giving me this day; this moment in time, this very minute to have some quiet time so my heart can listen to him! Sometimes we all have to swim upstream...but I know I have to work on becoming closer to a Father In Heaven (and not be so much into...what about me and what I have to do) that created me because HE loves me, and you and the world so much! ?

Monica Sawyn
08/26/2022 9:07 am

I could have read more about this. Humility, to me, is the right ordering of things, and I need so much to improve!

Diann Wimmer
08/27/2022 3:00 pm

Humility is such a popular word with all that is Franciscan. Humility seems to be based upon the TRUTH that gives it a beautiful way of life. I thank God for all who give us an example of this Franciscan virtue.

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