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Reflection for Aug. 22, 2021

Reflection for Aug. 22, 2021

'You alone have the words of eternal life'

Simon Peter's words   to Jesus are worth reflecting on 

by Sister Laura Zelten

Jesus gives everyone the opportunity to accept or reject him. When Jesus realized his disciples were grumbling to one another he questioned them. Jesus asked: “Does this bother you?” He then said: “What if you see the Son of Man go up to heaven where he came from? The Spirit is the One who gives life. The words I speak to you are spirit and life.” He goes on: “You cannot come to me unless the Father wants you to come. That is why I have told you all these things.”

Take a moment and put yourself in the disciples’ place. How would you respond if Jesus were saying this to you? Would you be astounded, excited, scared, or overjoyed? John tells us: “Many of Jesus’ disciples turned their backs on Him and went back to their homes.” However, Simon Peter approached Jesus and said: “Lord, there is no one else to whom we can go. You alone have the words of eternal life.” Peter then affirmed his belief that Jesus truly is God’s Holy Son!

Imagine the impact Peter’s profession of faith must have had on Jesus. A few minutes before, a good number of followers turned away from him because Jesus was not meeting their expectations. Yet, Peter boldly professed his belief in Jesus as the Christ. Peter’s strong faith and deep belief in Jesus must have touched Jesus’ spirit. Jesus is divine and human, experiencing the same feelings we experience.

How deep is your belief that Jesus is the Christ? Take some time to reflect on the question, then go to Jesus in prayer. If you believe in Jesus, profess your faith and your commitment. If you are uncertain, take your doubts to Jesus. He will hold you and bring you closer to him.

We all have doubts at times. These are the times when we need Jesus most. We may converse with him or perhaps simply sit in his presence and allow him to enfold us in love and light. We are the ones who turn from him, for Jesus is always with us!


Irene Whatley
08/20/2021 12:26 pm

Thank you for the very profound reflection. I for one take it to heart.

08/20/2021 2:41 pm

Thank you, Sr. Laura, for reminding us that Jesus is always with us, feeling what we feel, being there for us and with us as we create life and love in our corners of the globe.

08/23/2021 10:32 am

I am not sure how I would respond if I was once of the apostles at that time. But, I do know that I can sincerely say now, "Lord to whom shall I go. You have the words of eternal life"!

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