Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross in Green Bay, WI

Reflection for April 30, 2017

by Sister Lynne Marie Simonich

Have you looked at a sunset that took your breath away?  Or sat with a friend as you both told stories and shared laughter?  Or sat alone in the quiet and just listened?  These experiences can be moments of grace when we clearly see that we live and move in God’s presence. Sometimes we can’t find the words to describe such experiences.

The two disciples on the road to Emmaus shared an indescribable encounter with the risen Lord. Once they realized they were in the presence of Jesus, their sorrow and grief disappeared and they were filled with great joy! They had seen the Lord and couldn’t wait to share that news with those they left behind. They clearly saw the glory of the Lord.

Moments of integrity and authenticity. Moments of inner-awakening. Moments of wonder and awe. Moments of surprise and joy. Moments of 'seeing' nature's true beauty. Moments of insight and clarity. Moments of 'knowing' such pure goodness that you want to burst ....

In all these ways, within the 'true-ness' and 'good-ness' of humanity; within the 'right-ness' and 'blessed-ness' of life; within the sacred and holy Mystery of 'Beloved-ness,' I know Go(o)d--With-Us.

So, too, within moments of horror and rage, sorrow and grief, moments of 'knowing' and 'feeling' the wrong-ness of what is not true, what is not good or wholesome or right or just, and crying out at evil, I encounter and 'know' Empathy-and-Compassion-Within-and-Among-Us, and this, too is Go(o)d.

I feel close to God & see a glimpse of His glory every morning when my husband & me pray together.

Great post! My friend and work colleague, Doris, once told me, "God blesses me everyday." To me, this is analogous to when Jesus's disciples eyes were open to the fact that he was the Risen Lord.

May your journey "home" be a reflection of the journey to Emmaus. Welcome home! My prayers are with you.

I often feel closest to God when I am in the presence of my cat companions, Francis and Clare. There are moments when just the rays of the sun are streaming out from the clouds and I think that must be a glimpse of what Heaven is like.

Thank you Sister Lynne...I experience God's presence in my life during certain morning devotions - not every morning - but when He chooses, the experience is an unexplained surprise & humble moment that He gifts assurance that He is guiding me & all of our lives.


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