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Reflection for April 24, 2022

Reflection for April 24, 2022

Mercy Sunday every day

May compassion permeate our encounters with others  

by Renae Bauer

Jesus shows mercy to the disciples by proclaiming peace, sending the Holy Spirit, and instructing them to forgive.

The apostles show Jesus' mercy to the people by blessing them with signs and wonders.

The people show Jesus' mercy to the sick by carrying them to where the apostles’ shadows might fall on them.

The Father sends Jesus. Jesus sends us. Let’s give the world all the mercy we can conjure.


04/22/2022 10:38 am

Very nice reflection...Thank You...

04/22/2022 1:00 pm

Very beautiful, Renee. Very Power-Full. So very True-to-the-Core-of-the-Gospel. Thank you for summarizing the JESUS-Experience-Message so succinctly.

Because you so rightly included the HOLY SPIRIT as the Essential Gift in forgiveness in your opening statement, I would add the HOLY SPIRIT to your concluding statement, as well:

"The Father sends Jesus.

Jesus sends us the Holy Spirit.

Jesus sends us [to be instruments of healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation.]"


Yes, Indeed! Yes, In Deed!

Thank you, Renee! :)

Thank you, Holy Spirit! :)

Thank you, JESUS! :)

Thank you, Heavenly Father! :)

04/22/2022 2:31 pm

The world especially needs Mercy from us and Jesus at this time.

Rev. William J. Jacobs, Jr.
04/22/2022 4:24 pm

A great mine: The Father Sends Jesus; Jesus Sends Us. Our troubled world needs all of us to step forward and react with Mercy.

Thanks for your thoughts!

In Appreciation,

Father Bill Jacobs

Stephen Saawuan
04/23/2022 9:35 am

Please begin with yourself. Show mercy to yourself. Do you forget to show mercy to yourself?

Sr. Rose Jochmann
04/23/2022 3:03 pm

Thank you for this good reflection for Divine Mercy Sunday!

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