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Reflection for April 2, 2023 - Palm Sunday

Reflection for April 2, 2023 - Palm Sunday

The journey with Jesus

As the holiest week begins, we are called to walk in Jesus' steps

by Sister Lynne Marie Simonich

Palm Sunday begins the most Solemn Week in the Catholic Church – Holy Week. Today’s Gospel before palms are blessed is filled with excitement. Jesus is welcomed as a celebrity! A journey of joy.

A few days later Jesus will take his last journey. As we listen to the Proclamation of the Passion from St. Matthew we will walk with Jesus on the winding path from the upper room on Holy Thursday night out to the garden to Gethsemane, on to the house of Caiaphas and Pilate’s house and courtyard, and to Calvary’s hill – the journey’s end.

What more can be said? Allow some time to relive Jesus’ journey of joy and final journey. Is there a character you can relate to or with? What speaks to your heart?

As this Lenten journey comes to an end, where have these days taken you?
What have you learned?
What do you have to say to God?


03/31/2023 10:04 am

Thanks, Lynne Marie! Well said - the Gospel of Matthew says it all. Good reminder that we stop and look at what speaks to our hearts.

03/31/2023 10:14 am

1) "As this Lenten journey comes to an end, where have these days taken you?"

This year's journey has taken me to:


Union Congregational Church, 716 S Madison St, Green Bay 54301 920) 437-9266

DIVINE AMBIGUITY is a collection of twelve pieces Sheboygan artist Toril Fisher painted depicting the divinity of people amidst the most vulnerable conditions. A child in a cage. A black youth in America. A homeless woman. An Afghan woman. A missing or murdered indigenous woman.

The exhibit is free and open to the public through April 9, Monday through Friday 8am-4pm and on Sunday mornings 9am-noon.

All are welcome. No appointment necessary.


2) "What have you learned?"

I have learned that ART is a NECESSARY and VALUABLE EXPRESSION of the On-Going and Contemporary Suffering-Filled Journey of Christ-Among-Us.

3) "What do you have to say to God?"

"Enlighten the darkness of my mind and heart. Lead me into acts of compassion, healing, and works of justice, according to your most perfect and holy will." (Paraphrased from Prayer of St. Francis before the Crucifix)

Rev. William J. Jacobs, Jr.
03/31/2023 1:53 pm

I think as we begin to approach the end of the Easter Season, I always reflect on what I've done or accomplished, but I also lament on what more I could have done. Just as Christmas doesn't end until we do: I don't think Lent ends until we do. The Caring, Sharing, and Giving can follow us each and every day as enter Spring and approach the joyous signs of Summer. Similar to Christmas, let us fill those gaps that remain as we look back. Give until it hurts! No, give until it feels good.

Wishing all the good Sisters a very Happy & Blessed Easter season.

John Hansen
04/01/2023 4:50 pm

Thank you for sharing this as the reflection is something that we all should think about.

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